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Randall “Crabmeat” Thompson, 30, is an absurdist, bisexual, African-American, male, human being and stand-up comedian from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He grew up in nearby in Carlisle, PA. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2018, he was featured as the “Best Undiscovered Comedian” in the Battleborn State by 

Most notable about Thompson is his improvisation skills and mutability. An improv player since he was 14, he’s still putting those skills to use in an act that is constantly being expanded and updated as fast as the internet and grapevine will allow. He believes his wit will always be faster that the wifi. Since he was young, he wanted to be a late night talk show host. Randall has taken the first steps towards making this dream come true with the “Deadass Podcast”, an online show that covers a wide array of topics and discussion with people from all walks of life. 


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