I’ve always wanted to be Santa! Well, I got my wish. And all I want for Christmas is to share this short, delightful foray into the DIRTY side of this wonderful holiday.

Born Scared studios is an independent studio based in Atlanta, GA. They got some dope stuff and I’m glad to partner with them once again. Once again? Yes. We made a dope, lightly decorated film that you can enjoy and meditate on. The shit is available on Amazon, son. This holiday is about blood, gore, exploitation, and JUSTICE, right? Right. If the radio clip piqued your interests…well, what’s stopping you from watching the whole movie? Nothing? That’s what I thought.

Get yourself some Homicide Mcleod! Featuring yours truly. Aye. Show some love and subscribe to this channel. You can also check out their awesome website.

Be safe and enjoy yourself. Merry Christmas and Happy Last Week of this ridiculous year! Peace, players.